Dos Venadas Ranch is the home base of nature photographers Steve Bentsen and Laura Elaine Moore. While we do shoot on other property occasionally, most of our photography is done at Dos Venadas. We are continually shooting and modifying the ranch to enhance the photographic opportunities. We hope you will come shoot with us.




NEW FOR 2009
Campos Viejos Ranch, owned by the Jackson family, is located 4 miles south of Dos Venadas Ranch on Hwy 755. This 1000 acre ranch is also set up for photography and has a world-class lodge. Since 2009 Dos Venadas and Campos Viejos Ranches have operated jointly for photography. Together they offer more blinds, more habitat variety and great on-site lodging and meals. The lodge at Campos Viejos is the headquarters for all photographic ventures.



Photography Season & Days
Photography season is from April 1 through June 30. Thursday through Sunday blocks are reserved for groups of four or more photographers that are staying at least three days. Monday-Wednesday blocks are available for smaller groups and those who wish to stay shorter periods.


We have provided abundant information about Dos Venadas on this website. You should pay particular attention to the galleries of images by our guests. These images were obtained during routine visits and are representative of what you may expect. The “schedule a visit” page will provide more information.



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