We will do all we can to help you have a successful shoot. We will make you aware of which species are being seen at the various blinds and any special photo opportunities which may arise. If you have any target species, please make us aware of these early in the visit. We will try our hardest to help you find them.

Typical Day
A photographic day at Dos Venadas consists of two blind sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The morning session typically lasts from first photo light until about 11:30 am. The afternoon session typically starts about 4 pm and ends when we lose our light. Between the two sessions, the photographers will return to the lodge at Campos Viejos or return to their motel if staying in town.

Consider your photographic goals when planning your visit. In early April, it will be cooler. There will be little activity by reptiles. The bird species will be the residents and the winter birds. Only a few migrants will have arrived. There will be no nesting activity. Late April and early May bring the peak of the migration. Weather is warmer and some reptiles are moving. The birds species count will be at its highest now. In late May and June, the weather is hot and the water holes are hopping with activity. The winter birds are gone, many young birds have fledged and may be seen. Reptiles are abundant.

Campos Viejos Ranch offers a first class lodge with great meals. Staying onsite offers the advantage of minimal travel and maximizes the experience, as you never leave the ranch. The ambience of staying on the ranch elevates the experiences to a whole new level. The lodging and meals varies in price according to the meal and room plan desired. This must be arranged with Nora Nell Jackson at Campos Viejos. Her contact information is on the Contact Us page.

There are two basic methods to photograph at Dos Venadas/Campos Viejos- as individuals or as a Workshop. Individuals pay a higher day rate, but have no restrictions as to numbers of people or days. We take care of everything. Workshops have a lower day rate, but must meet quotas for numbers of people and minimum days stayed. They must also provide their own insurance and transportation, plus have a leader who assumes responsibility for everything. We will be glad to discuss the pricing and requirements for both plans.
We can provide a list of workshops that are scheduled to visit our ranches in the coming year for anyone interested in joining an already established workshop.

The gate for Dos Venadas is located off of FM 755. From Rio Grande City, take FM 755 for about 20 miles towards La Gloria. You will pass FM 490, which will be on the right. The gate is on the left side of the road opposite 2294. For directions from other locations, please consult Google Maps.

Interactive Google Map

Center of map
Road into Dos Venadas Ranch
Santa Catarina
Starr County, TX
Directions: To Here

If the weather is too bad to shoot, the photographer may cancel any time before shooting starts and will receive a raincheck to shoot another day, which must be scheduled. This decision must be made before shooting starts. Once the decision to shoot is made, there are no rainchecks.

The raincheck applies to ranch fees only. In the event that a photographer decides to cancel shooting due to weather, individual arrangements must be made with the guide as to his or her fees for the day.

A standard hunting lease release is required to be signed prior to shooting at Dos Venadas. You may request a copy of this in advance or download it here.

Dos Venadas has a variety of blinds in service, seating from 1 to 4 shooters. None of our blinds are situated to attempt both morning and evening shooting. On most blinds, the top, sides and back are permanently covered with burlap or shade cloth, which provides adequate cover yet it breathes, which makes the blind more comfortable. The front is covered with camo netting, which is not left up between shoots. There are top and bottom ropes from which the netting is suspended with clothes pins. The camo is cut in 2 foot strips so that it can be hung as needed for various camera, tripod and flash configurations. Taking the camo down between shoots keeps it in good condition and hanging it in strips removes the need to cut any holes at all.

A variety of chair types are available. Some have the legs cut short for gaining low camera angle in non-sunken blinds. Each blind has a weather proof box equipped with camo netting, clothes pins, insect repellant, wasp spray and a brush for cleaning perches. There is indoor/outdoor carpet available to place in the floor of the blind if you desire it. All permanent blinds have running water conveniently located if needed.

To ensure you have a productive visit, Dos Venadas has implemented some ranch policies. Please see our policies page. A list of ranch rules is also posted in the camp or can be downloaded here. These rules must be strictly followed. Any variations from these rules must be approved in advance by your guide.

We work diligently to provide nature photographers with a quality experience. Feedback from clients is invaluable towards shaping this new and evolving venture.

Individual preferences and needs vary considerably among photographers. We make every effort to accommodate each visitor. Please keep in mind that weather and wildlife movement are beyond our control. We ask that you maintain reasonable expectations regarding your visit.

See the official Lens and Land "reasonable expectations" policy.

A number of photographers who visited the ranch are willing to provide a reference regarding their experiences at Dos Venadas. See our list of references.

Have a question that wasn't answered here? Please see our FAQ page for more details!
We also have a page of helpful hints on shooting at Dos Venadas.


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