Venezuela arrests suspects in theft of $2 million in bitcoins

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Venezuelan authorities have arrested two people who allegedly stole 101 BTC (more than $1.9 million) from a local cryptocurrency exchange. This is reported by Decrypt.

According to the Corps of Scientific, Criminal and Forensic Investigations of the Venezuelan Police (CICPC), 33-year-old Jose Manuel Osorio Mendoza and 34-year-old Calvin Jonathan Diaz hacked the servers of the Bancar Exchange.

“Bypassing the security of the platform, they transferred bitcoins and fiat money to various accounts associated with them,” the agency claims.

In an attempt to cover their tracks, hackers used encryption protocols, but the police managed to track the transfer of funds to the accounts of Proinsa.

Now CICPC is investigating the connection of the suspects with this firm.

Recall that in mid-November, the Spanish police arrested a citizen of the Netherlands of Colombian origin, suspected of laundering € 6 million using cryptocurrency.